• Spirit Bear SL
  • 23.6 Pounds of Speed
  • STOKE Mary/Jane Carbon Wheels

About Kermode

The Kermode bear, or "spirit bear", is native to the British Columbia's coastal region. Their distictive white coats set them apart from other black bears.

Kermode is also the name of a carbon fatbike company based in Canada's Rocky Mountains. Similar to the Kermode bear, our carbon fatbikes are unique - with a focus on lightweight nimble frame designs and high end carbon componentry.

Kermode Carbon Fatbikes is based in Calgary, Alberta and Fernie, British Columbia.

Our Mission

Quality carbon fatbikes that tip the scales gently

At Kermode Carbon Fatbikes, our mission is to provide lightweight high quality carbon bikes for the avid cyclist who appreciates a quality bicycle.

Our Distinction

At Kermode Carbon Fatbikes, we believe that it's important to differentiate. No, not dy/dx. We differentiate with healthy doses of carbon fibre. Carbon frame and fork (and steerer tube). Carbon wheels as a standard offering. Carbon cranks, carbon bars, carbon seatpost, and carbon headset spacers. Oh, and a carbon steerer tube top cap. Combine that with subtle logo placement, and plenty of sexy white space on a lovely matte white frame. That makes our bikes unique, and it sets you apart from other riders. Just like the white Kermode bear of Coastal BC.